Macro Watch 

In this new age of fiat money, credit growth drives economic growth, liquidity determines the direction of asset prices and the government controls both through aggressive policy intervention.

Macro Watch analyzes trends in credit growth, liquidity and government policy with the goal of anticipating economic developments and their impact on the financial markets.

Macro Watch is a video newsletter published by Richard Duncan.  Each issue contains original analysis pertaining to economic and financial developments as they unfold.



Subscribers to Macro Watch will receive:

  • Approximately 25 Macro Watch videos per year. A new video will be uploaded roughly every two weeks.
  • Richard Duncan’s two video courses:
    1. Capitalism In Crisis:  The Global Economic Crisis Explained
    2. How The Economy Really Works
  • Access to all past issues of Macro Watch*

*Please note: the first issue of Macro Watch was for the Fourth Quarter of 2013.

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