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January 24, 2016

How My Career Shaped My Views On The Global Economy

In the new Macro Watch video uploaded today, I describe how my 30-year career in the investment industry has shaped my views on what drives the global economy and the financial markets. There have been several important “aha” moments: Soon after I began my career in Hong Kong in 1986, I realized that ultra-low wages…
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December 3, 2015

Interview: Austrian Economics Would Destroy The World

I could have used many different headlines to announce this interview (which was conducted by Cris Sheridan for the outstanding financial website, Financial Sense). I could have used: “Pray For The Dollar Standard” “How Our International Monetary System Works” “Why The Chinese Yuan Will Never Be An Important International Reserve Currency” or, “There Will Be…
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April 16, 2015

Watch Free Video: QE Is Debt Cancellation

Yesterday, I send a blog with a link to a new CNBC interview and a second link to a free video explaining the details of how central banks have effectively cancelled trillions of dollars of government debt and are in the process of cancelling trillions more. The link to the second video did not work,…
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April 15, 2015

New CNBC Interview: QE Is Debt Cancellation

This morning I was interviewed on CNBC Asia in Hong Kong.  We discussed how central banks around the world are effectively cancelling trillions of dollars worth of government debt.  Here’s the link to the interview: This is a very important subject with incredibly important policy implication, but few people understand it.  I hope you…
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April 7, 2015

Has The Next Recession Begun?

Recent economic data has been startlingly bad. The Atlanta Fed’s GDPNow model suggests US GDP will grow by only 0.1% during the first quarter. The financial markets are positioned for interest rate hikes. How would they respond if this new economic “soft patch” turns into a recession – as I expect it will? If the…
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January 17, 2015

Recession Alert: Weak Credit Growth Points To US Recession Ahead

The key to understanding the economy and the financial markets in the 21st Century is this: Credit growth drives economic growth. From 1952 to 2008, every time credit (adjusted for inflation) grew by less than 2% the United States went into recession and did not recover until there was a new surge of credit expansion….
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November 22, 2014

The McAlvany Interview: QE 4? “They’ll have to.”

The McAlvany Weekly Commentary is simply one of the very best sources of information and analysis on monetary, economic and geo-political news available to the public today. Recently, David McAlvany invited me back to his show to discuss the state of the global economy at the end of 2014. It is always a pleasure to…
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October 17, 2014

Bullard’s Call To Extend QE Halts Market Panic

Yesterday morning, St Louis Fed President James Bullard stopped the stock market crash in its tracks. In a live interview on Bloomberg Television, he said: “…I think a reasonable response of the Fed in this situation would be to … go on pause on the taper…” (i.e. to extend Quantitative Easing). When he began that…
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September 9, 2014

How Strong Is The US Economic Recovery?

A new Macro Watch video has been uploaded and is now ready to watch. Judging from most press reports, it would be easy to form the impression that the US economy is booming. It’s not. This video presents a balanced assessment of the health of the US economy. After $6 trillion of budget deficits, 0%…
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July 27, 2014

WATCH RICHARD DUNCAN’S SPEECH: How Capitalism Died & Where That Leaves Us

Capitalism died during the two World Wars. In this speech, I discuss the transformation of our economic system from Capitalism to Creditism during the Twentieth Century. I also describe what may come next, highlighting the extraordinary possibilities Creditism presents, as well as the catastrophic consequences that would follow from its collapse. You need not be…
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September 26, 2013

New Radio Interview: Why No Taper?

Last week I was in Kuala Lumpur.  There I had an interesting conversation with Julian Ng  of BFM radio.  We discussed: Why the Fed decided not to taper QE How the economy really works now The purpose and goal of Capitalism, and Why it is impossible to return to a Gold Standard. To listen to…
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November 13, 2012

China consensus is dead wrong, says Duncan

Please find below an interview posted on MarketWatch today. Bangkok-based economist and author Richard Duncan says a chorus of economists pointing to a rebound in China may well be proven wrong, as he believes the nation is headed into a serious crisis. Since the darkest hours of the 2008 global economic meltdown, China has made…
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October 18, 2012

The Capital Account Interview: The Death of Capitalism and Everything After

I recently had a lively conversation with charismatic Lauren Lyster on Capital Account in Washington D.C. We discussed the death of Capitalism in World War I, the rise of Creditism, QE3, gold and how to avoid a new Great Depression. To watch this video, Google “Capital Account Richard Duncan” and it will pop up.

October 8, 2012

Author Talk with Jeff Glor on

I recently had a long chat with Jeff Glor on Author Talk, in New York. Longer interviews like this one are a nice change from the ones that last only 3 to 5 minutes, where it’s necessary to speak in bullet points. Here’s the link (Note: If the link does not take you directly…
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August 22, 2012

The Squawk Box Interview: The New Depression?

I’m in New York this week, promoting The New Depression. On Monday, I was on Squawk Box (at 6:30 am). I was interviewed by Andrew Sorkin and Becky Quick. Please check it out. Here’s the link:

July 28, 2012

Glenn Beck Interviews Richard Duncan: And keeps an open mind!

On Tuesday July 17th I was invited to appear on Glenn Beck’s show. This came about because of my CNBC Squawk Box Europe interview the day before. Honestly, I was not sure about what kind of reception I would be given by Glenn, but I wanted the chance to present his audience with a different…
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May 11, 2012

The McAlvany Weekly Commentary: An Interview With Richard Duncan

This week David McAlvany interviewed me for his program, The McAlvany Weekly Commentary. We discussed the crisis in the global economy, the risk of a new great depression and the dilemma we must now face as a democratic society. I strongly encourage you to listen to this 50 minute conversation. Here’s the link:

May 4, 2012

VoiceAmerica Interview: The New Depression

I was recently Jay Taylor’s guest on Turning Hard Times Into Good Times. We discussed the evolution of Capitalism into Creditism, The Quantity Theory Of Credit and the outlook for the global economy. Please find here the link to this 50 minute radio interview:

April 20, 2012

The New Depression: The Breakdown Of The Paper Money Economy

My third book on the global economic crisis is now in print and available on Kindle. It’s called The New Depression: The Breakdown Of The Paper Money Economy. Please find its Preface copied below: Preface When the United States removed the gold backing from the dollar in 1968, the nature of money changed. The result…
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